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  • Apple Design MacVim replacement icon
    04 Jul 2013
    1 minute read

    A new icon for MacVim that complies with Apples icon design guidelines for OSX and doesn’t hurt your eyes.

  • Apple Security PGP on Mac OS X with MacGPG2
    10 Jan 2012
    5 minutes read

    The goal of this tutorial is to get PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) up and running, create a public (shared) key and the corresponding private key. With them it is possible to encrypt information like mails, documents and files in a very secure and asymmetric way so that only a specified recipient can decrypt and open them.

  • Apple Mac OS X - Lock your screen with a keyboard shortcut
    10 Nov 2011
    2 minutes read

    This will enable you to lock your screen (by showing the login screen but keeping your session open) with a shortcut of your choice. All without the need to enable “Require password after sleep or screen saver begins” in your System Preferences and will work with Macs without the eject key, e.g. the current MacBook Air.

  • HTML&CSS HTML form legend tag and display block
    08 Aug 2009
    1 minute read

    Styling HTML forms surely isn’t the most popular task amongst webdesigners. Many obstacles need to be taken, to allow your CSS to format your forms perfectly. One of this obstacles is the weird rendering-behavior of HTML form-element <legend>.

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