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  • Design Philographics poster project
    03 May 2015
    1 minute read

    A new and sleek series of posters by Genis Carreras that communicate abstract, philosphical concepts such as Absolutism, Capitalism or Stoicism in very clean and bold shapes.

  • Ruby Rails OpenProject Deploy OpenProject to Heroku – the easy way
    18 Mar 2015
    2 minutes read

    OpenProject, the web-based project management system for location-independent team collaboration can easly be deployed to Heroku in about 15 minutes.

  • Ruby Rails Livereload Ruby on Rails applications
    16 Mar 2014
    1 minute read

    Bored of manually reloading your Rails app after each and every ‘view’ change, including your SASS and Coffeescript files?

  • Ruby No more 'bundle exec'
    27 Dec 2013
    1 minute read

    Of course you’re tired of typing bundle exec every time you want to start your Rails App, build your Middleman static website or invoke your Sinatra webapp.

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