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MacVim replacement icon

04 Jul 2013
1 minute read

A new icon for MacVim that complies with Apples icon design guidelines for OSX and doesn’t hurt your eyes.

MacVim replacement icon I didn’t like the retro look of the original MacVim icon and I personally prefer icons that instantly communicate the purpose of the app they belong to.

Our MacVim replacement icon in VIMs signature green color, mixed with subtle metal gradients to both represent VIMs solidity and fit Apples favorite material to built their computers from. It is Mountain Lion and Retina ready, which means you can watch its details scaling it up to 1024x1024px.

Update: Adapted to OSX Yosemite icon style (2014-07-07).


Right click on the MacVim app and choose ‘Show package contents’. Just replace the original MacVim icon found in Contents/Resources inside the applications package with the one from here.

Get it!

Get the zip file containing the icon